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a strategic advantage for Maersk customers

Your ocean needs fluctuate but the NYSHEX space guarantees don’t. Secure the ocean space you need quickly, easily and with certainty through NYSHEX and the NYSHEX Forward® contract.

What you need to know about NYSHEX.

Maersk customers have a new alternative to long-term and spot contracts. NYSHEX provides the industry's first fully enforceable contract, for sailings two weeks to as far as six months in the future.

How it works is straight-forward. Maersk publishes digital contract offers on the exchange that are always for specific departure dates. The rates in those offers are not subject to GRIs or surcharges – once the contract is secured it cannot be changed.

Ocean product information is clearly displayed on one screen, making it possible to easily expedite the decision on how to move your freight. The solution is digital end-to-end, meaning Maersk freight invoices for cargo contracted on NYSHEX will always be 100% accurate. 

At the heart of NYSHEX is the innovative NYSHEX Forward Contract™, a reliable contract that is filed and confirmed in real-time. It is fully enforceable, meaning that both parties are incentivized to deliver on what has been contracted – the risk of service failure is dramatically decreased. In fact, 99.7% of NYSHEX contracted cargo has sailed on-time.

Gain new reliability and other real benefits through NYSHEX.

NYSHEX provides shippers with a complement to the traditional carrier direct contract. As members of NYSHEX, they have the unprecedented ability to easily compare digital offers and instantly contract with leading ocean carriers. With NYSHEX membership you get:

  • Access to exclusive carrier offers that only members of the exchange can see.
  • Rates that are all-inclusive and fixed once you contract on the exchange.
  • The ability to contract out as far as six months and even resell the space if you need to.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your contract will be honored, and your space and equipment are guaranteed.
  • 100% certainty that your invoice won’t include unexpected charges.
  • The ability to track shipment milestones digitally.

In return for these benefits, you guarantee that you will book your containers by a specified cut-off date and deliver your cargo before CY close. If the carrier fails to fulfill any part of the contract, they pay you a specific amount in damages, and vice-versa. NYSHEX provides the technology to manage this process fairly and transparently.

Discover the advantages of NYSHEX membership.

Our shipper members  are uncovering bottom and top-line benefits as a result of:

  • Proven time-savings achieved by searching for rates, comparing them, and contracting digitally.
  • Proven 100% invoice accuracy from NYSHEX.
  • Proven 99.8% on-time sailing for cargo contracted through NYSHEX.


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